News & Event

Ryuji Moriyama solo exhibition 4/03-16/03/13 at gallery Fukuyama, Tokyo
Tomoya Tsukamoto joins an exhibition 11/04-17/04/12 at the 8F gallery of Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo.
・Group exhibition with Taketa Kimi at Atlier Yapa 28/01-30/01/12.
Batta mon Project by OKAMOTO Mitsuhiro.
Taketa Kimi showing up at Osaka Art&Handmade Bazaar 17/9-18/9/11and The 46th Osaka International Gift Show 28/9-29/9/11.
Ai Araki at the 20th Scholar's exhibition 28/9-6/11/11 by The Sato Museum of Art.
Haruko Gensho showing up at Art Fair Tokyo 28/7-31/7/11 and solo exhibition 12/8-11/9/11 at Tokio Out of Place.
Ai Araki participating in ShinPA exhibition 15/7-24/7/11 at The Sato Museum of Art in Tokyo.
Taketa Kimi joining in Creators Showcase 18/5-24/5/11 in Nagoya city and Creators Market 18/6-19/6/11 at Port Messe Nagoya 3rd ex. hall.
Song, Jun-nam's solo exhibition 1/5-22/5/11 at atlier 2001 in Kobe.
Taketa Kimi participating in Osaka & Tezukuri Bazaar Vol.6 20/3/11 at Osaka Nanko ATC Hall, Osaka.
Haruko Gensho solo exhibition 6/3-1/4/11 at Promenade gallery, JR Shinjuku station west exit, Tokyo.
Yoshimi Oka solo exhibition 9/2-15/2/11 at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi 6F gallery, Tokyo.
Song,Jun-nam in group exhibition 1/2-13/2/11 at SYSTEMA gallery, Osaka.
・In cooperation with Gelerie Yukiko Kawase, Toul Otsuki participating in NADA Artfair 2010 Miami Beach, FL.
Tomoko Sato solo exh. 11/11-21/11/10 at gallery K.
Taketa Kimi participating in Design Festa 6/11-7/11/10 at Tokyo Big Sight, Visit Atlier YAPA.
Shigeki Iwamoto solo exh. at gallery-T 5/11-24/11/10
Kimi Sasaki exh. schedule: Ome Municipal of Art 30/10-28/11/10, Sato Museum of Art23/10/17/12/10,Museum of Modern Art,Saitama10/11-21/11/10, via art 201021/12-25/12/10
・Group show 8/11-13/11/10 by Haruko Gensho and 3 artists at exhibit Live&Moris gallery, Tokyo
Reiko Honjo showing at Sekai Painting Grand Prize 24/10-3/11/10 at Sekaido, Tokyo.
Atsuhiko Yoshida joining in Kodo exh.15/9-27/9/10 at The National Art Center, Tokyo and Hanbi Autumn exh.29/9-4/10/10 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.
Kimi Taketa participating in Osaka Art & Handmade Bazaar VOL4 19/9/10 at Asia Pacific Trade Center in Osaka.
Design Festa Gallery calling for artists.
Reiko Honjo putting up with a group exhibition 25/10-3/11/10 with contemporary abstract painters at gallery Art Point, Tokyo
Katsumi Hayakawa solo exhibition 12/6-3/7/10 at gallery Momo, Tokyo
Ai Araki joining to group exhibition 8/6-14/6/10 at Sogo Kawaguchi 8F art gallery.
Kimi Sasaki's exhibitions at Gallery Terra Tokyo 11/6-9/7/10 and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 29/5-20/6/10.
Toul Otsuki participating in The 10th anniversary exhibition of Tokyo Wander Wall 29/5-20/6/10 at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
Ai Araki taking part in group exh."Unknown possibility 03" 21/5-26/5/10 at Shinjuku Ophthalmologist gallery, Tokyo.
goo choki party Satoshi Saegusa group exhibition 17/3-27/3/10.
Song,Jun-nam renewed website.
Taketa Kimi participating in Art & Handmade Bazaar 14/3/10 at Osaka Nanko ATC (Asia and Pacific Trade Center) Hall. Go to "3 meter saki Chibi Neko Tei".
Kimi Sasaki coming up at Art Fair Tokyo 2/4-4/4/10 at Tokyo International Forum.
Masaaki Ohya solo 11/3-18/3/10 at The Japan Print Association at Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.
Chieko Ohyama taking part in Geisai #14 on 14/3/10.
collaboration work (ref.page4) by Haruko Gensho on the most prestigious Brazilian child fashion magazine.
OKKE TOMODACHI-No Wall-exh. Exchange of Asian Contemporary Arts 18/12-23/12/09 in Kyoto.
Yoshimi Oka solo exh. 24/11-14/12/09 at gallery Shorewood in Tokyo
Masuo Kogure solo exh. 27/11-9/12/09 at gallery Milieu, Ginza, Tokyo.
Masae Uezumi solo exh. 14/11-25/11/09 at gallery Shimada in Kobe, Japan
・Linked to Artdecollectors Contemporary Art Gallery
Maiko Otsubo exhibitions coming soon.
Aster Art, virtual gallery offering you an opportunity to make your own portfolio.
Keiichi Ikegami uploaded a video on his recent workshop.
・Upcoming solo exh.17/4-2/5/09 by Masashi Ito in Tokyo.
U*Space gallery invites submissions.
Maiko Otsubo's upcoming exhibitions.
・Hanbiten (group exh.) 4/3-16/3/09 by Han Bijyutsu Kyokai (association) at The National Art Center, Tokyo.
tanotaiga's solo exh.7/3-29/3/09 at Contemporary Art Factory in Tokyo.
Art Buzz accepting entries for 2010 Collection competition starting April 1, 2009.
Yoshikazu Yanagi's solo exh.4/2-12/2/09 at Shinobazu gallery, Tokyo.
Ai Araki participates in Asian Young Artists Exhibition 2, 7/1-30/1/09 at Keumsan Gallery Tokyo.
Yoshimi Oka a new impressionist, solo exh.7/01-20/01/09 at The Bijyutsu gallery of Odakyu Dept. Store in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.
gallery SUKABORO set up by the artist as affordable exh. site. Artists of any nationality welcome.
・Two persons Satoshi Saegusa:10/12-13/12/08 and 17/12-20/12/08 at Saibidou gallery, Tokyo.
Masashi Ito participates in Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 22/11-24/11/08 at Saihodo gallery booth in Tokyo Bijyutsu Club.
Song, Jun-Namappearing on TV 29/11/08,22:25-22:55 by Japan Broadcasing Corporation and having solo exh.22/11-7/12/08 at Kyodo Atelier No.3 warehouse, Fukouoka.
Yoshikazu Yanagi participates in Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair(TCAF) 22/11-24/11/08 at Tokyo Bijyutsu Club and group exh. 29/11-8/12/08 at Bunkamura Art Show 2008, Tokyo.
・Solo exh. 2/12-8/12/08 at Sogo Hiroshima by Shuta Morisaki
・Group exh."Zeninten in Kyushu" 9/11-15/11/08 with Song, Jun-Nam
Ai Araki solo exh.24/11-29/11/08 at Gallery Ginza Forest,Tokyo
Ken Shiozakisolo exh.27/11-6/12/08 at Gallery Tomo, Ginza-Tokyo.
Osamu Kishisolo exh.25/10-28/10/08 at Kisho-an.