J-art online gallery is an autonomous and nonpartisan
private organization dedicated to promote primarily
talented young Japanese artist in the art markets of
the world.

J-art online gallery also aims at achieving smooth and
fruitful communication between the Japanese artists
and the market places abroad by offering its expertise
in global art trade.
Dear visitor,

Here we present contemporary Japanese fine artists who are struggling to incorporate spiritual enlightenment in their works.

Different from the main line of the history of art in Western Europe and the US, marked by revolutionary methods of aesthetic expression and style, the artworks displayed here express the stage of enlightenment of the artist, as he or she seeks for spiritual and human peace.

The messages of these artworks are not assertive, but contemplative. It may be hard to hear, but if you are open to it, it will surely resound in your mind.

Please visit our online galleries and enjoy listening for the messages of the art.


The Web Manager